Duration: 1,5 hours.

Price: Euro 195,-

Totaal: € -

What will I learn?

Memnonics is a way of remembering information with ease and without strain. Perfect for exams that asks for the memorization of plain factual information. Through imaginative associations you will be able to remember lists of words and their relative position as much as you need to. The workshop will focus on the process of creating these associations. The visualization skills needed to create images quickly and absurd enough to be easily remembered. The lessons are divided in three parts of half an hour each. Every part is separated by one day. This method creates a strain free process into understanding the system. The system you will use in the end will be created by yourself through the methods that magicians also use. You will be taken through a step by step process that will make you see how you are your own best teacher. After this workshop you will also be able to teach and help others with this technique.

Which skill level do I need to have?

This a the introduction to mnemonics. It is preferable to know nothing about memorization techniques yet so that we can have a clean start. The lessons are targeted to people who have no experience with memorization techniques yet and would like to improve their memory skills.

Who is Ray Joel?

Ray is a performing and award winning magician from Holland. He uses mnemonics as one of the tools in mental magic illusions. Born 12 september 1973. He has performed in countries all over the world. His skill to adapt his material to almost any give subject makes him an expert in creating associations between seemingly random things very quickly. When using mnemonics it is this quality that makes a memory memorable.